After growing up in Wyoming, Brian moved here to attend the University of Utah. While in school, he fell in love with Utah's mountains and deserts, and he also learned to homebrew. But what started as an occasional hobby spiraled out of control; he needed something more. His next move was to the Napa Valley, where he studied the ins and outs of winemaking, another passion of his. While the winery was a valuable experience, it also reassured Brian that he was a brewer. In 2009, Brian moved back to Utah and joined the Bohemian family where he has been "Lagering" ever since.



Paul’s brewing experience started by helping his father cap bottles of homebrew when he was 10 years old. While studying chemistry at UC Santa Barbara, Paul "liberated" all of his father’s old setup and started home brewing, creating delicious beer even on his limited college student budget. After receiving a chemistry degree in 2011, Paul attended the UC Davis Master Brewers Program and shortly after, started working at Bohemian Brewery in 2012. When not brewing—at home or at Bohemian—he enjoys the beautiful state of Utah by camping, hiking, rock climbing and tree climbing.