As we gear up for another exciting summer full of Beer Festivals and events, we were happy to spend the afternoon at SLUG Mag’s 2019 Brewstillery event on Saturday, May 18. Many old friends and even some new ones popped by to say hello as we poured a small selection of some of our favorite new lagers throughout the afternoon.

Cans of Helles Bock, Kölsch and our new Mexican-Style Lager — Sir-Veza — were on the menu for Festival patrons to enjoy. As we entertained visitors throughout the afternoon, with local bands playing in the background and our crowd-favorite hat machine pumping out the Sir-Veza trucker hats, it became apparent that one beer was standing out from the rest. Our Mexican Lager was a hit with its light and approachable corn finish, and when paired with a slice of lime, reminded everyone of their favorite “Cerveza'“ and how wonderful this style of beer can be when done right.

We were suddenly surprised and delighted to see SLC Mayor Jackie Biskupski approaching, and we knew something might be up when she extended her empty mug and said “One Sir-Veza please!” As she and Brewstillery director Angela Brown chatted with us they winked and said “make sure you’re at the main stage for an announcement shortly”.

Before we knew it, Sir-Veza had won not only the “Best New Beer”, but also the “People’s Choice: Best New Beer”, to complete a clean sweep of the 2019 Brewstillery awards. A completely unexpected yet fully appreciated and humbling experience indeed.

After being presented with two beautifully decorated and constructed works by local artist Kali Mellus, we were grateful for not only the opportunity to be a part of the event, but to have been able to share a conversation with each and every one of our visitors who were kind enough to sample some of our Bohemian Lager Beers.

Cheers to the staff at SLUG Magazine, SLC Mayor Jackie Biskupski, Chris & Sylvia Hollands from, and all of 2019 Brewstillery’s attendees.